Company Overview

The “Silhouette-shielding Curtain” contributes in the prevention of heat shock accidents and criminal invasions of privacy such as voyeurism.

Representative: Mizuho Nakayama

Company Name Merry Poppins Co., Ltd
(Registered Trademark: Merry Poppins NO. 4879555)
Representative Mizuho Nakayama
Company Address 3-34-14 Nukui, Nerima-ku, Tokyo Postal code 176-0021
TEL 03-5241-5379 / FAX 03-5241-5357
Established April 2, 2000
Business Content ・planning and designing, facility/store renovations, home designing and renovations
・“Silhouette-shielding Bathroom Curtain” (Patent NO. 4803512) project planning & sales
・(Interior decorating) Lecturer

Company History

2002 Merry Poppins Co., Ltd. established
2011 2011 “Silhouette-shielding Bathroom Curtain” patent acquired (Patent NO. 4803512) Presently proposing curtain product as “Attaka-Ofuro Atta-Curtain,” also known as, “Silhouette-shielding Bathroom Curtain”. Our popular item is available at the Merry Poppins website and online stores for Takashimaya, Rakuten and Yahoo.

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